Food should be an expression of passion, culture and desire to create something beautiful

Sesame Cuisine offers Authentic Moroccan full service catering Perth, Fremantle & Margret River areas for a truly unique experience.¬† We offer catering options, Spanish Paella, Moroccan Tagine’s & Moroccan Buffet. Moroccan cuisine is an infusion of Berber, Jewish, Arabic, Spanish, French influence. Some of our favourite ingredients include cumin, paprika, turmeric, cinnamon, olive oil, preserved lemon & ginger. We cook for you in the traditional Spanish Paella pans which allow us to cook up to 300 at once. As result everybody gets their food at once no waiting around for anyone.

We service

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. Weddings

. Festivals

North Africa is well known for they slow cooked Tagine. Sesame Cuisine is specialises in the art of the traditional slow cooked Moroccan Tagine dish. Tagine is a cone shaped ceramic cooking vessel which we use to slow cook meats, poultry, seafood & vegetables. Sesame Cuisine’s catering¬† & Moroccan style decorated set up is always a hit with guests.. As result many satisfied customers request our details for their own catering needs. If you like to go full Moroccan we also offer bohemian Moroccan furniture and boho tent hire seen in the pictures below.

Don’t break the bank on your catering and event hire. For a friendly, affordable and truly unique experience, contact Sesame Cuisine today.

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